Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my new blog.

This blog is all about food history, specifically [but not restricted to] the history of food as my grandmothers experienced it. Both my grandmother and my Nanna ran households, looked after children, worked, supported their husbands and were heavily involved in church during the 1950s in Australia. Plus, they found time to feed everyone. Because both of them are deceased now, I want to do something that showcases their legacy and this blog was born. I aim to work on this project over time, armed with copies of family recipes, books and recollections from older family members.

So, this blog aims to pay homage to the recipes that my grandmothers cooked or collated, as well as family recipes that filtered down. By combining that with a discussion of food at the time, I want to combine family history with different kinds of history. I will also explore Australian cooking during all eras, from colonial to world war II, because these eras also have a connection to my family history [we emigrated here as free settlers and convicts in the early to mid 1800s]. I might even approach posts about other places/eras but the focus is more on Australian life.

If that interests you, please consider following me on this journey.

And yes, horrible jelly 50s salads may make an appearance.

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