‘Death by Hot Chocolate’ or why you shouldnt leave an 8 year old home alone….

WARNING: Please dont try this recipe if you have diabetes, insulin resistance or other conditions that are aggravated by or affected by large amounts of sugar.

So a little left field for todays blog post but I thought I might as well share a recipe I invented as a child. Yes, the title is completely accurate to the recipe.

So, I grew up in the 1990s. Back in those days, parents were a lot more relaxed about leaving their children unattended for long periods of time. Being the daughter of two full time workers meant that my parents were often away all day and my brother and I were left to our own devices. A lot. As long as we followed some simple rules [don’t leave the house unlocked, watch out for your brother, don’t set anything on fire] we could do pretty much what we wanted. It seems weird now in the 2020s, but that was how myself and my friends grew up. We had a lot of personal freedom, something I think was because we also had a lot of responsibility thrown on us at a young age.

So one day, having been left home alone again, 8 year old me decided to make something in the microwave.

Now, I am very much addicted to chocolate. It runs in the family. So 8 year old me decided that she wanted hot chocolate but had no idea how to make it. So I improvised. The result: the most decadent, fudgy, bad for you drink I ever drank. It literally tasted like molten chocolate. Unfortunately, I also left it on for too long in the microwave the first time and it expanded and expanded until the inside of the microwave was very…..brown.

Thankfully I managed to get it clean in time so my parents didnt find out and I’ve made it a few times since. So, I present the recipe that almost got me into massive trouble.

8 year olds death by hot chocolate
1-2 blocks of milk chocolate, broken into small bits
2 heaped dessert spoons/tablespoons of either milo or chocolate nesquick
Sugar [add until you get to your required taste]
Chocolate chips [as many as you want]
Nutella/hazelnut spread [as much as you want]
Enough milk to cover the chocolate well [exact measurements depend on your vessel size and ingredient volume]
1 microwave safe jug

Add everything together into the jug
Mix well
Heat in small increments [about 30 secs – 1 min] until mixture is starting to bubble and everything is melted
Take out of the microwave and stir until everything is combined and silky and liquidy
Go take a nap from the giant sugar rush

Let me know how it goes in the comments below! Did it work? Did everything end up in a terrible mess? Was it delicious?

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