Beef Stroganoff [modern multiple way version of a passed down family recipe]

[Shown: April 2021 version]

So last night, I made one of our modern versions of a family descended recipe and one of my followers suggested a good topic would be to talk about adaptations of family dishes. I’m sure that many of you have adapted dishes in the past; maybe you have a intolerance or allergy, maybe you’ve gone on a diet change, maybe there’s some other reason. But, family recipes and memories have a kittenish habit of evolving.

Now, I grew up absolutely loving Beef Stroganoff. It was on my top 5 dishes of all time. I think I wrote in a primary school assignment my favourite food was stroganoff. It was a pretty standard, somewhat traditional recipe we used [and that will come up in a later post]. But then I went vegetarian for 3 years when I lived interstate and meat was off the menu. Then I went vegan, so sour cream was off the menu.

But, I still wanted to eat stroganoff but I really hate tofu so google failed me.

But then…

So, I was over in South Australia for one of my first cousins weddings and I found this bookstore while out shopping on a spare day off. There was this pretty green cookbook called ‘1001 Vegan Recipes’ and it had SO many good foods. And there, sitting in a section, was a stroganoff recipe that didnt have tofu. I bought that book immediately and cooked it when I got home.

Readers, it tasted AMAZING!!! Like, it tasted like our family recipe I remembered so well. Its now my favourite comfort food to cook when the weather turns cold. The best thing? Its completely customisable! You can cook it in a wide variety of ways to cater for all sorts of dietary requirements. As proof, I cooked it for my maternal aunt and uncle when they flew down for a holiday My uncle is a diehard meat eater and now he keeps asking for the recipe.

Better yet, my famously picky and opinionated father who hates mushrooms tried it once and now insists on being given seconds when I cook it. So with qualifications that good, I thought I should let you into our recipe.

If you do decide to try it, please leave me a comment to let me know how it went, if you liked it, things to alter ect.

And as they say in Russian, priyatnogo appetita! [bon appetit!]

Beef Stroganoff 3 Ways

Omnivore/classic method:
500gms beef
Paprika [original recipe states 1 tablespoon, more can be added. I usually put in 2-4 heaped dessert spoons depending on my taste level]
1 onion, diced
oil for cooking
1-2 tablespoons flour [for thickening]
500gms- 1kg mushrooms [depending on size]
1/2 cup white wine [optional]
1 jar of tomato paste
1ltr beef stock
salt and pepper to taste
tub of sour cream
500gm-1kg chopped green beans [depending on size]

Vegan Stroganoff notes – swap out sour cream for vegan sour cream or leave out [i dont add it in when Im doing a vegan version; remove beef and either add meat substitute or add extra veggies; use vegan wine and vegetable stock instead of beef

Vegetarian Stroganoff notes – omit beef; add extra vegetables; swap vegetable stock for the beef

Dairy Free Stroganoff notes – omit sour cream/replace with suitable alternative
Non alcoholic notes – omit wine
Gluten free notes – substitute arrowroot powder for flour as thickener

Keto Stroganoff notes – remove white wine; remove flour/arrowroot powder; replace tomato paste with low carb passata [this works amazingly, btw] and limit green bean amount depending on your carb intake as they can be a bit high depending on a few factors. Basically, use your judgement.

Got veggies to use up? Add them in! You cant have too many vegetables in this dish.

Heat oil and saute diced onion until translucent
Add beef [mushrooms if meat free dish] and cook until the outside of the pieces are no longer pink
Add mushrooms, paprika, stock, tomato [passata if keto] and extra vegetables and coat in liquid
If using, add wine and stir until incorporated
Let simmer with lid on for 15-20 minutes, checking stirring when needed
Add green beans and stir, allowing to simmer
With 5 minutes left, add the flour/arrowroot powder and sour cream [if using] and stir so cream doesnt curdle
Let simmer until you think its done and serve

Can be served over rice, noodles, pasta, steamed vegetables or just by itself.

I hope you enjoy it!!!

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